Turn that frown upside down, sucka

Well wasn’t yesterday’s post the silliest boo-hoo fest you ever saw in your life?

Let’s counteract that crap right now, shall we?

Awesome Things About My Week

1. Super Tuesday! Have I ever told you that I am a politics junkie? Well, maybe junkie is too strong of a term. A heavy user, let’s say. I can’t help it, it’s in my blood. My dad used to be the mayor of a small island city, you know. Back in the early 60s. You should see the photos of him and my mom back in the day. My mom was rockin’ the Jackie O. look and everything. Plus I have an uncle who was a member of Parliament for many years back in my homeland. The British imperialists left the scene and my DAD was one of the people who took over the joint! How cool is THAT? Democracy rocks, ya’ll.

2. Nordic Boy left for Portland this week on a biznazz trip. And before he left? He made me some enchildas and some lasagna and froze it up for me to heat and eat. Dang, I should give that dude a medal or something.

3. I am working on a special project for work, and my end date on this project was supposed to end soon, but it got extended. So all week, people have been coming up to me and saying “you’re extended!” and talking to each other about me and saying “she’s extended.” Is it just me or does that sound weird and funny?

4. It is Fashion Week. Between that and Super Tuesday, I may have to be surgically separated from the interwebs.

5. I read a review of my blog that was so, so nice and totally out of the blue. It made my day yesterday. Thanks, PL.

6. The weather has been in the upper 40s! The fact that I am filing this under “great news” should probably sound off some sort of alarm bell.

7. I have this thing with numbers. I always seem to see numbers in patterns and I feel compelled to point out the pattern aloud. COMPELLED. I am not talking about complicated patterns. Just stupid shit like if the time is 12:12. It’s like A Beautiful Mind for the mathematically remedial. I seem to always be looking at a clock when it’s freakin’ 12:12. Then I may comment to whoever is there with me: “Look. It’s 12:12.” I swear I am not TRYING to look at the clock at 12:12, or 11:11, or notice that the odometer in a car is symmetrical with 11011 miles on it. It just happens. I don’t even know what kind of response I am looking for when I say these things. Me: “Hey, your flight number is 828. Symmetrical.” Possible responses: Great? Good for you for noticing? Who cares? Shut up?

Any of these would be acceptable I suppose. Anyway. I especially have to point out when I see sixes. This is mostly because I am a juvenile boy who thinks it is funny to say “666! The sign of SATAN!” at any opportunity. Nordic Boy has taken this on too. If I say “hey! You’re going 66 miles an hour!” in our car, he will respond appropriately with “THE SIGN OF THE BEAST!”

Yesterday was a good day. Because this happened in my car.

The sign of the beast!
The beast, I say! The BEAST!

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. I found one of those salad keepers today at Freddy’s! I didn’t have to drive out to the scary burbs or order one on the internets. Thanks for the tip on that btw!

  2. Once in Berlin, I freaked out all my friends when I suddenly started frantically rummaging in my bag to get my camera out.They were even more freaked out when they realised it was to take a picture of a clock that said:04:04In 2004.(but it was in December or January…oh well)

  3. I totally do the watching of the odometer looking for specific numbers thing too! And the clocks! 12:34 is officially my favorite time, though when I was a kid, I really liked 7:11 too.

  4. I do the number thing too! I also have the urge to mention to people when my name appears in a song or movie. Hey, that’s MY name! Then I get a less than thrilled response. You know, a monotone “wow” or something.

  5. I always end up glancing at the clock when it reads 12:34 and at least a couple times a month I wake up at night at 12:34. Wierd.How come we look at the clock at that exact moment?? Satan scary is what it is!

  6. dude! I do the numbers thing, too! I might have included it in my hundred things, but that was like a million years ago and I can’t remember…

  7. You know it’s really funny to be HAPPY about the temperature being in the 40s but I understand how you can find joy in such a thing. When I lived in AZ to be in the 40s was like living in the Artic but now that I live in the Midwest, I say things “wow!! it’s 38 outside. I’m really glad it’s warming up out there!” with complete sincerity.

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