Tractor Pull

My friend Knickerknapper (man I am getting good at giving people blog names) once complained to me about his girlfriend.

K: Sometimes, she asks me what I’m thinking about.
Me: So?
K: So, I feel like I’m supposed to say ‘I was thinking about you,’ or ‘I was thinking about how much I love you’ or something like that. But honestly, that’s not what I’m thinking about.
Me: Really? That’s what you think she wants to hear?

Why would she want to hear that all the time? When she could be hearing awesome things like the following?

Me: What are you thinking about?
Nordic Boy: Tractors.
Me: Yeah. I’m gonna need you to expand on that.
Nordic Boy: I was thinking about when I used to get to drive tractors. Like when I was a teenager.
Me: You did? You got to drive tractors? Like big ones?
Nordic Boy: Yeah.
Me: I don’t think I have ever seen a tractor. Like up close.
Me: Wait, I think I may have touched one. Once, a long time ago.
Nordic Boy: You touched one? What does that mean?
Me: In elementary school, we got to take a field trip to a farm. I remember we got to see a real cow and go on a hayride. And I think that we saw a tractor there, and I think I touched it as we walked by. It was green, I think. I don’t know. I must have been like, 6.
Nordic Boy: You are so city.
Me: (proudly) I’ve been on a riding lawn mower before.
Nordic Boy: Congratulations.
Me: Us at 15. You on a tractor in Wisconsin. Me on a lawn mower in Michigan. It’s kind of romantic when you think about it.
Nordic Boy: What?

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. It a little-known fact about me that I know how to drive a tractor, and in fanct have driven one pretty recently. I can see how Nordic Boy would have fond memories, because the tractor driving is pretty fun.

  2. Me, on phone with my oldest brother a few years ago.Him: Hello?Me: Hey. What’re you doing?Him: Ah, looking at pictures of tractors.Me: Oh…I’m looking at pictures of SSB!Him (deadpan, as if chewing on toothpick): Well, ‘each his own.

  3. I had a number of uncles who were farmers back in the day. So even though I’m a city girl, I’ve taken a few tractor rides in my life. I’ve also been to more tractor pull events than I care to admit.

  4. One of my guy friends told me that he broke up with his girlfriend because she always wanted to tell him stories about what happened to her that day. *Sigh* Once again proves that Nordic Boy is a gem 🙂 A gem who thinks about tractors.

  5. The first day of Drivers Ed in high school my driving instructor asked us, “So, have any of you ever driven before?””I’ve driven a riding mower,” I told him, and he just kinda laughed at me. I always thought he was a douche for that.I was 15! How much experience was he expecting?!

  6. OK, so I’m dating this guy, and I do want to ask him what he’s thinking, only he’s the quiet type that doesn’t repeat himself. Granted it is only 3 weeks, but I am so sweet on this guy, its crazy. I wish I didn’t think of him. I want to call him, but then I think I should wait for him to call me.omg. i’m a 15 year old girl!!xo,WDL

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