Zombie Christmas

I have only posted 7 times this month. After the post-a-day binge of November, I have gone on some kind of crazy posting-fast for I’m not sure what reason. So although I am not much of a New Year’s Resolution kind of lady, I am going to give myself until the first of the year to get my shit together and post more come 2008.

I hope you all had some days off of work this week. As far as I am concerned, that is the best part about this time of year. Well, that and the cookies. I was going to tell you all about my existential feelings about the Christmas holiday but then I realized that the liklihood that you all would give a flying figgy pudding about that is pretty slim.

So instead of doing that, I’ll tell you what I did on Christmas.

1. Nordic Boy and I are not big Christmas celebrators. In order to explain this further I would have to go into that existential Christmas feelings thing I was talking about before, so don’t ask. We don’t give each other presents or anything like that, usually. This year, we decided we would exchange a couple of things. Small things, no wrapping required. I got a pop culture crossword book (score!) and a pair of earrings from my favorite handmade store. He got a whole mess of socks and some new pens, the type of which I know he likes to use on his blueprints for work. Nordic Boy loves socks. And pens. We were both genuinely overjoyed with our gifts. They were the kind of gifts that only we would have gotten for each other. What a coupla geeks.

2. We stayed in our pajamas and read books on the couch while sharing a blanket until lunch time.

3. Nordic Boy made us his famed grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and we watched the snow fall outside of our window.

4. At 1pm, while still in our pajamas, one of us said “let’s go to a movie!” We got ready in five minutes, jumped in our car, and went to the movie theater to see what was playing. We ended up with tickets to “I am Legend” which started at 1:30.

5. Saw Will Smith battling zombies on crack using fire bombs, automatic weapons, and hand-to-hand combat. Happy birthday, Jesus!

6. Got home and made a big dinner and ate and talked.

7. And talked, and talked.

8. And talked some more.

Here’s to the close of another year. I had the perfect day and I hope you all have one too, whatever that may look like.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. That sounds nice. I find Christmas absolutely exhausting. Though I finally managed to get yesterday afternoon and evening to myself to do what I like best at Christmas… veg on the couch with a book and a box of After Eight mints, to read, nap, and look at the tree.Though I must confess I do like presents 😉

  2. That sounds like a perfect Christmas!! My husband and I lounged around in our PJs all day – first sipping mimosas, then watching movies, and even taking a nap. It was the best Christmas!! =)

  3. I am always curious to know about existential feelings about the Christmas holiday. Or even just regular feelings about the Christmas holiday. Mine include: shame, inadequacy, guilt, indigestion, extreme melancholy, alcoholism, emotional betrayal, etc.

  4. I think your Christmas sounds fab! I like how you guys didn’t/don’t get all caught up in the commercial/material aspects of the holiday. Me – I love presents, but I also wouldn’t mind giving or receiving less. I’ve gotten to the age where presents don’t matter as much.

  5. Sounds like the perfect holiday. Mine was somewhat similar, except spent with family in a land about 5 hours from here… Aside from the drive it was very relaxing.

  6. Have you ever had figgy pudding? Sounds like a great Christmas. We stayed in our PJs all day and watching TCM. And David got socks too. What’s with boys and socks?

  7. Hi, I am writing a post today and want to have a few real librarians come on over and comment on a question I have. If you can, please come over sometime after 12 noon today (Friday, Dec. 28) EST. I’m in Boston, Mass., US.

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