Still Cooler Than a Gelfling

Incident #1

Me: You want to know what I did at work today?
Nordic Boy: What?
Me: (insert library-related story about how I rocked the library world with my genius but that I can’t tell you about because I don’t want to get dooced)
Nordic Boy: Wow! That’s great!
Me: Hell yeah it is. (And then I break into the Crank That dance).
Nordic Boy: What is thaaaat?
Me: I’m Soulja Boy! Check it!

Moral of this incident: I am silly, yes, but I am current and hip and down with the youth of today. Nordic Boy, you will notice, did not point this out.

Incident #2

Me: (first thing in the morning) I don’t wanna go outside in the cold!
Nordic Boy: Come on, you’re going to be late!
Me: Noooo.
Nordic Boy: Get up!
Me: I am going to chain myself to this house. Just like Boy George did to that guy. I am going to be that guy AND Boy George, all at once.

Moral of this incident: I am current and hip to the crazy machinations of 80s icons. Once again, Nordic Boy does not notice this.

Incident #3

Me: This week is the premiere of Project Wunway!
Nordic Boy: The premiere of what?
Me: Project Wunway!
Nordic Boy: What is with the Elmer Fudd?
Me: It’s not Elmer Fudd. It’s Heidi Klum!
Nordic Boy: My power, my pleasure, my pain!
Me: I get it! You’re Seal and that’s that Batman song!
Nordic Boy: Totally.

Moral of this incident: I am current and hip to big shows and big supermodels and big fashion and alla that. Nordic Boy, AGAIN, does not feel the need to comment on this.

Incident #4

Me: (doing a crossword) Mmmmmmm–mmmmmm-mmmmm
Nordic Boy: Why are you squeaking like that?
Me: I’m not squeaking. I’m being a Skexie.
Nordic Boy: What?
Me: A Skexie. Like from The Dark Crystal?
Nordic Boy: That is the geekiest thing I have ever heard. You are such a geek. And what is that reference? From like 20 years ago?

Yeesh, one nerd-like reference and all the previous hipness is forgotten. I must learn to be more diligent.


  1. I personally got every one of these references and think you rock for using them in your daily life. :)And WOW on the Dark Crystal throwback… that WAS a long time ago!

  2. Double wow on the Dark Crystal squeeking! I spent a solid year in high school doing that with my boyfriend whenever we found something interesting (it was the movie we saw on our first date, so those tortured noises held special meaning for us). It was very un-hip, even at the time.

  3. I worry that I am not down with the youth of today or yesterday or before yesterday even. But I do get the one wrong moment to ruin your rep – ie high school all over again. You had a high waters moment in a week of stylishness. Maybe I’m just down with the fashion of the youth of today?

  4. I totally don’t know what the cool kids are listening to, watching, etc. unless my niece tells me.I’ve never even heard of the Dark Crystal. I’ll google it. Googling things….that’s cool and hip right?

  5. Yoicks. We saw that movie for the first time about three months ago, and I had already forgotten that that sound is a Skexie sound, even though it entered our couple vocabulary instantly.Hell, I’d forgotten the word “Skexie.”The best time to see that movie for the first time may not be in your 40s.

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