Sunday Best

Donnie and Marie were on Oprah last week. Did anyone see it?

I had a Donnie and Marie lunchbox that was handed-down to me by a sibling when I was a little kid. I kept my crayons in it. It was purple and sparkly. When I would think back on this lunchbox as an adult, I would wonder. What is with Donnie and Marie? I can barely remember them. What was the deal with them again? And why did they have any kid-appeal at all?

Seeing them again brought it all back, people. It was the clothes. The crazy, technicolor, over-the-top, 70s threads. As I watched the clips of them on Oprah, Nordic Boy pointed out that my jaw was hanging open and I had one hand on my stomach. It was too good and so, so bad, all at the same time.


Click here to see some sparkle.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Yes Neighbor! I did see Donny and Marie last week, and all I have to say is, the outfits!!! How awesome were those? I want to meet that costume designer. I was super-obsessed with Donny & Marie, circa the “Goin’ Coconuts” era. Yet, like you I don’t really remember why I liked them so much. I did have a thing for Donny’s signature purple socks though, and I still kick myself that my Strawberry Shortcake autograph book was with my mom that time I got to ride in the elevator with him.

  2. I have to admit that Donny and Marie are two people who I know are famous, but I’m not really sure for what. Is it just because they had a show or do they do other things? Do they come from a famous family? Can someone give me the scoop? (Yes, I did read the Wikipedia entry on them, but I feel like I am still missing something…)

  3. Do you remember when they had a talk show called Donny and Marie? Did you ever see that? It was on when I was in college (back in like 1998) while I got ready for class. I had never known anything about them before, and they sort of scared me at first. But now I am a lover, not a hater!

  4. I remember watching their show way back in the day and loved it. I’m going to blame it on the clothes. Or the fact that it was one of the few shows my parents allowed us to watch.Now I’m going to admit something embarrassing. I’m addicted to Dancing With the Stars. As y’all probably know, Marie is one of the celebrities this season. Donny Osmond makes me want to stab myself in the eye and also puke. He drives me crazy with his “inside scoop” on Entertainment Tonight and when he ran out on the dance floor and kissed her recently, I wanted to knock him in the teeth. I can handle Marie somewhat, but her brother needs to ride off into the sunset. Okay, now I’m all worked up and angry thinking about him. Thanks a lot Librarian Girl. Thanks a lot. 🙂

  5. The only thing I really know about them is that Marie sang a country duet that I used to LOVE as a kid in the 80s. It was a duet with someone named Dan Seals (who?!?) and it’s called “Meet Me in Montana.” It’s the cheesiest shit you’ve ever heard, and I will occasionally dial it up on my iPod and country OUT. “Won’t you meet me in MontanaI want to see the mountains in your eyesWhooooa, whoooa, I’ve had all of this life I can handleSo meet me underneath that big Montana sky”Mmmmmm…. it’s the cheesiest.

  6. Oh god, I love the Osmonds. My mom used to watch Marie hawk her creepy dolls on QVC and she explained to me (who was questioning why anyone cared) about the whole Osmond phenomenon. That being said, I agree with Sauntering Soul, Donny and his scoops on ET are just ridiculous and sad.

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