Daily Without Faily

Once again I have left my daily blogging until the last minute of my day. I am seeing that weekend blogging is going to be the downfall of this whole NaBloPoMo biznazz. At some point, anyway, but not today! Time, I cheat you out of making a fool of me once again, bwa ha ha haaaaaa.

Time may not be making a fool out of me, because I can do that myself, no probs, holmes.

Snippets from my Sunday. I mean Saturday. Whatever the hell day it is.

1. Just got back from seeing my pal in this. It was good, and despite the name, it ain’t drrty. It’s legitimate thee-ah-tah and it was good. Plus, they let you take snacks into the theater with you. And we found a parking space only one block away from the place. Snacks plus good parking plus a good old fashioned dramedy equals fook yeah is all I am saying.

2. Went to a fabric store chain today. Let’s call it Flo-Ann’s Fabrics. That place has got to be the most disorganized boolshizz I have ever tried to navigate. What the hell is going on in Flo-Ann’s Dysfunctional Fabrics? Everything is messed up. The fabrics aren’t where they should be, and the staff don’t seem to know where they even ARE. Plus, they give a million bags for things. I bought two yards of two fabrics and some thread, and they put the thread in a leetle plastic bag and then the fabrics in seperate bags. And when I told them that actually, I was fine without any bag at all, they (three of Flo-Ann’s finest) all froze and looked at me like I had pudding on my drawers or something. Flo-Ann, whoever you are, you need to get it together. Your fabrics deserve so much more.

3. Nordic Boy and I went out for thai food today. Whenever we go, he orders brown rice and I order white. When the server brings us our meals, they always invert our rice. I get the brown, and he gets the white. It doesn’t matter which thai restaurant we go to, this is guaranteed to happen. Our only theory is that they think I want the brown because I’m brown, and he gets the white because he’s Whitey. They match us up with the rice. If Nordic Boy ever starts a rap career, I am voting for his name to be Vanilla Rice.

Listen, I said I would post once every day in November. I never said the posts would be quality or anything.

My bed is calling me with its siren song. Smooches, all.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Our Flo-Ann’s fabrics just went of business and the husband and I couldn’t believe it took this long. Ours was always disorganized and the customer service was…lacking. The employees were always so very put out by inquiries and the cutting of fabric and living, you know?And the rice thing is just wrong, but is cracking my shit up.

  2. Vanilla Rice….hysterical!The Flo-Ann’s here in Atlanta seem to be okay. But I don’t buy fabric since I don’t know how to sew. I’m usually in the paint, canvas, collage materials sections.Do you sew? I didn’t know that.

  3. While at a local Flo-Ann’s recently, I overheard an employee talking to a customer and telling her that it seemed like the company Flo-Ann’s was positioning itself for sale and/or moving over into an entirely internet-based business model because of the way they were laying off longer-term employees and not jumping to restock items.I interrupted her conversation to ask here where to find something, and she replied, “Oh, I’m not sure. It’s my first day.”

  4. The rice thing reminds me of the time we went for Thai food in my town and two little kids had the following conversation over and over:Kid 1: My name is Sticky Rice!Kid 2: My name is Sticky Rice too!We never did figure out what that meant…

  5. i worked in two fabric stores in high schools and compared to the way they slave-drove us (they wanted us to clean the bathrooms, for god’s sake–i NEVER did and vacuumed instead), it’s appalling what disarray things are in these days. if they do go into online-only, this will be one very sad fabric-store customer. because if you can’t breathe in that cottony smell and run your hands over rows and rows of perfectly organized and draped fabrics and spend most of your paycheck in one visit, is there really any joy left in life?

  6. I had a Flo-Ann’s employee tell me that I should use this “really cool” cat patterned material to make a dress that I had all planed out. I just smiled akwardly, nodded, and slowly backed away.

  7. I was just at Flo-Anns Saturday myself. What are the chances of that??? I’m never very happy with the people who work there, but I knew they had flannel on sale and I wanted some new jammies.That’s hilarious about the rice. My (white) mother dated a black man for a number of years, and occasionally — solely for their own amusement — one of them would order a Black Russian and the other a White Russian. Didn’t matter who ordered what. And if the server got the correct drink to the correct person, they would smile politely and switch drinks. And then laugh hysterically.

  8. flo-ann fabrics is so depressing – those white walls, the mess, the staff, the customers even! they really need to hire whatever genius whipped target into shape. they could be so much better – especially with all this rage for DIY stuff amongst hipsters and housewives and hipster housewives. i should send their CEO a copy of Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t

  9. Please see my comments about craft stores over at Marty’s Blue Soup blog. Hate. them. Re: the brown rice and the white rice. I would think that they assume that you would want the brown rice since you’re a girl and obviously obsessed with so called healthy food (i.e. brown rice) But perhaps they’re just dumb (or obsessed with color coding?) Either way, it’s definitely food for thought (ha!)

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