Listen, it’s all I got

I’m starting of my month of daily posting with a bang, people!

Just kidding. I am too tired to muster up even the usual nonsensical gibberish that I can usually come up with.

Instead, I give you this photo that I took today. I ask you, what store was I in that had an aisle boasting these three items?

That’s right. It says “Birds, Fruits and Vegetables, and Moss.”

I shop at the truly classy stores, ya’ll.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. I think the really important question is: where is the rhinoceros, whole wheat, and fungus aisle? (I almost typed “isle” which brings to mind a place I would not want to vacation.)

  2. Looks like a Michaels to me.I must say, if I had even 1/10 of the writing flare that you possess, it would make this month of daily blogging that I have decided to undertake MUCH more enjoyable. Sadly, I do not.

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