The Skipped Weekly

Oh no I di’n’t!

I didn’t do an installment of the Weeklies last week. Should I acknowledge that I didn’t do it or just not mention it and go on as if I did and do one this week like everything is right on schedule? Guess that option is moot since I just said that. Can I just say that the word moot always, always reminds me of the skit on SNL a long, long time ago (maybe in the 80s) where Jessie Jackson keeps saying “the question is moot!” I have no recollection of what the skit was about, or why he kept saying it, or if it was even funny at all, but it’s burned into my brain.

So now that you know that I missed the Weekly last week, what should I do? Call this Weekly # 4 and write about last week? Or call it Weekly #5 and skip this week? It just now occurs to me that you don’t give a flying fig what I do with my Weekly. That’s right, it just occurred to me just right then and not a moment before. Took me that long. I end up figuring things out, if you just give me long enough.

Weekly Version 4.5– The Four-Point-Five-Peat

Weekly TeeVee: So, I watched the Bachelor. Had never seen it before, and so I decided it was time. All I have to say is ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Are. You. Friggin’. Kidding. MEEEEE. That’s all I have to say about that. Also, I took Journeyman off the Tivo list. I wanted to give it a chance. I wanted it to be an updated, sleek, new millenium Quantum Leap, starring the B-list Daniel Craig. But I just couldn’t eat the shit that was being served up. No one ever communicates in the show, EVER. Every scene goes like this:

Daniel Craig-ish: I have leaped back in time! I have so many questions about why this is happening!
Other character who has answers to why this is happening: Hey Daniel.
Daniel: Hey. What’s up?
Other character: Nothing much.
Daniel: (banter, banter, meaningless banter)
Other character: (banter, banter)
Daniel: Oh! I am about to leap back! Too bad I never asked you any questions!
Other character: Obviously, you are a dumb ass.

So, I am leaping back to a time when I didn’t watch Journeyman. And look at that! I gained an hour of my life back!

Weekly Music: I have recently (and temporarily) changed work locations. For the next couple months, I no longer have the luxury of my usual 5-minute commute. I have to actually get in my car and drive every day, for about a half hour. This is such a novelty to me I can’t even tell you. There are many crappy things about commuting, which I won’t get into right this minute. But, there is one awesome thing about commuting. Quality time with my iPod. I plug that baby in and the party is ON. You know how some schools these days have “sustained reading” periods for students? This is “sustained listening.” It’s lovely, really. So if you’re driving in rush hour traffic through Seattle and you see a black-haired lady in her car, bouncing to the beat of “Don’t Leave Me This Way” by Thelma Houston (shut up, like you don’t have cheesy songs on your iPod) and singing her heart out, that would be me. “Awwwww BAY-BEH!”

Weekly Worst Moment:
Last week, I found out my mom, who has been sick for the past week or so, actually has pneumonia. I also found out that two other close family members aren’t doing so well in the health department. There’s not much in life that scares me. Talk to me about ghosts, monsters, serial killers, spiders, rats, heights, what have you, and I am fine. But serious health issues for loved ones? That scares me. Well, that and Walmart.

Weekly Best Moment:
Four things.
1. Serious Best Moment: Learning that my mom was on the mend.
2. Silly Best Moment: I was reading a newsletter from the city government that we got in the mail, and it referenced having a “Family Disaster Plan.” I looked at Nordic Boy and said “Hey, do we have a Family Disaster Plan?” and he looked apologetic, shrugged his shoulders, and offered this up: “Sure. Run for the hills?”
3. Synchronicitous (yes that is too a word) Best Moment: My friends H and R came over to play 80s Trivial Pursuit the other night. I think they know more stupid pop culture stuff than me. I heart that.
4. Aww Shucks Best Moment: Well-wishers rock. I had a work change this week and the people who went out of their way to wish me well and say a kind word about it rock out, hard core.

Weekly Photo: I saw this dude across the street from me in the biggest pair of rainbow camo hammerpants walking down the street. I wanted to take a photo but I didn’t have the bawls. So I took a photo of the street where he had just been. Can you see the hammerpants vapor trail?
Seattle Hertz spot

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. I had the same wishes and disappointments in Journeyman…I totally felt that extra hour that I gained back as well. I think I am also dropping Bionic Woman, but Pushing Daisies is my new fav.

  2. The word “moot” reminds me of that Friends episode where Joey is talking about a “moo” point. I don’t remember the exact explanation, but it’s something about a statement that even a cow could understand? Or not understand? Anybody with me?Glad your mom is on the mend!

  3. Ah, the remnants of Hammer pants.Kind of like when a cartoon character with a baseball cap takes off at lightning speed, and all that’s left is a gust of wind and a spinning baseball cap in midair.Remnants. True story.

  4. ipod commuting is the BEST! Especially when you have a sexy new ipod to play with :o) Sadly, my commute is on a bus so I can’t sing along or I’d risk being carted off by the men in white coats. I do walk in my front door on a night though singing my heart out, ooh yeah babyPS. glad your mom is on the mend x

  5. I thought I was the only person in America who remembered “The Question Is Moot!” It was a game show skit, a one-joke thing but I still laugh thinking about it.

  6. i’m totally with you, biology girl. i think he said something like “it’s like a cow’s opinion: it doesn’t matter. it’s just moo.”i love joey.

  7. I had pneumonia about 5 years ago. It was the same month my grandmother passed away and my younger brother was diagnosed with testicular cancer. That was one sucky month. I’m glad your mom is on the mend. Pneumonia takes a long time to completely bounce back from. Tell her I feel her pain. I hope the other family members are soon on the mend too.

  8. LOL! yeah Journeyman is probably moving off my tivo list too. For some reason I have a hard time actually removing shows, what I end up doing it still recording them but deleting them without watching them. why can’t I just break it off with them? clean you know? It’s you, not me, lets go our separate ways?I’m glad to hear your mom is doing better. *hugs*

  9. Well, I thought I would be the first to tell about the Joey “moo” comment, but I see that other astute commenters beat me to it. I guess my husband and I are the only ones still watching “Journeyman” but we kinda like it. It could be better, but I still love the premise and the many stories they could dream up. We’ll see. We are also still giving “Bionic Woman” a chance, although it is pretty lame.And the street where the guy was? I often see people I would LOVE to take pictures of so I can mock them on my blog, but I am too cowardly. So I can relate.

  10. a friend of a friend edited the footage from the first ‘bachelor’. seemingly it was appalling what the women did to get the bachelor’s attention – the stuff that didn’t make it onto tv.develop a family disaster plan. really. it’s not fun trying to make one up in the 10 minutes you have to pack up your car while watching the flames on the hill above our home. ok – so you don’t live in southern california like me, but when the earthquake hits and you have to get out or your water/electricity doesn’t work – what do you do, where do you go?

  11. A former supervisor of mine used to say “mute point.” I was always unclear if it was OK to correct her or not. I didn’t. Glad your mom’s on the mend.

  12. girl, I just bought a Roberta Flack CD. It was just released.My car is not only a more soulful place to drive, but I look totally hot when I sing. I’m sure all the other drivers think so too.Hope all is well,WDL

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