Gimme Links

I just had to call this post that, because that motherhumping Britney Spears song will just not stay out of my head. Anything that happens turns into that song. Just say gimme, then follow it by singing whatever you want in that bullfrog croaky way that’s in that song and you’ve got a recipe for madness. Really. Watch.

Gimme gimme LINKS, gimme LINKS, gimme gimme LINKS…

Or maybe you’re not thinking about links. Maybe you’re thinking about work. Yeah, I think about work a lot too.

Gimme gimme BOOKS, gimme BOOKS, gimme gimme BOOKS…

I could do this all day. However, I shall spare you, as you are more than capable of taking this and running with it, I’m sure.

Anyhow, thanks for all the people who said they link to me, and I am scurrying to catch up with putting all ya’ll on my listy-poo over there in the sidebar. It may take a little while, so be rest assured I will get you on that list just as soon as I can.

I think that I am suffering from vacation-deprivation, people. I know, I just got back from San Francisco, but I really think that a measly weekend away just wasn’t enough. The weekend already seems like it was EONS ago and other than going to see my dad when he was sick earlier this year, I have not taken one vacation day. Not one! That is just evil.

I think I realized that I need to have more of a vacation than I have allowed myself for a while when, on Saturday night, Nordic Boy asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner and a movie, and I said that I did but only if we left town to do so. So, we crossed some water, which is not hard to do living where we live, and we drove out to the suburbs. And not even a particularly picturesque suburb. Nope. We went out to the land of strip malls and no sidewalks just so that I could feel like I was AWAY. And when I start to see Olive Gardens and Black Angus Steakhouses, I am out of my element.

In other news, Nordic Boy and I have been busting a gut laughing each night before we drift off to sleep. Like, we’ll be just on the verge of full sleepy time, and one of us will say something in that half-asleep state that has woken us both up with laughing. Like, last night? The lights were off, I was drifting to see the Sandman, and all of sudden, Nordic Boy sleepily sings me a little lullaby. The song? “Mama, don’t let yer babies grow up to be cowboh-ehs…” And he sang it with as much twang as I have ever heard in my life. What the–? Where did that come from? The deep recesses of Nordic Boy’s R.E.M. state, that’s where. I woke myself up with a full belly laugh and that got him laughing and there we are. Woken up, cracking up.

Yeah, I know. It’s not that funny. I need a vacation.

Across the bridge
As we drove across the bridge to the ‘burbs, we had a great view of Mount Rainier over the lake. Which you can’t really see here because my camera phone sucks dookie.

Kiss the rings, I’m out.
Librarian Girl


  1. We laugh about farts before we fall asleep.I like your version better:-)Hey, I gave you some link-love. And as an aside, I was going to link to you a few weeks ago but never got around to it, what with all the puking and all. So please don’t think I only linked to you because I’m an attention whore. I mean, I am, but not in this instance.

  2. This is so WEIRD, but just last night I was singing that song to myself! I even put on my Willie Nelson Greatest Hits CD, but sadly that song wasn’t on it.I think this is what happens to me when I spend too much time in the country with my family…

  3. One night when I was just about in a sound sleep, I started to hear what I thought was a moose call. (If you don’t know what this sounds like, try to get a sound-clip – it’s worth it) When I damn near jumped out of my skin, I realized my husband was making this noise – I jumped out of bed because he was scaring the shit out of me…I proceeded to shake him silly and he shot up straight. He was dreaming that we had won the lottery and was trying to scream. Oh my god. I gave myself a migraine because I laughed so hard.

  4. Oh Mah Gah… my blog is linked from PCL. Dude? I made the big time.And tell me about weekend trips…why oh WHY do they feel like they never happened 5 seonds after they are over.Unless you have the bruises to prove you were there…

  5. haha – cool – but when you said “Nordic Boy’s R.E.M. state”? I totally was thinking…um, Georgia? I too think I need a vacation. And thanks for linking me!

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