What about the paper in John’s hair?

I know, I know. I only wrote one measly post last week. YOU guys, on the other hand, were writing your hearts out. I am up to my eyeballs in catching up with what you all are up to. You’re shaming me with post-iness. I’ll do better this week, I promise.

First off, someone asked for the one and only photo I have of my San Fran trip. So be it.

My Shoe Did Indeed Match with the Harrison Ford Decor

Now that we have THAT piece of bidness out of the way, let’s move on to more pressing matters. I’ve got two things to talk about. Ready? Ok.

1. I am feeling like I need to have a place on this blog for some reciprocal link love. The more I am looking at all your blogs via clicking on links in my comments and such, the more I am seeing that you are giving me link love. And I need to be better about reciprocating. So here is my plan. If you have me linked to your blog, email me or comment and tell me. Give me your url and I will create a lovely list of all ya’all’s blogs so clicking over to you from me will be easy as pie. Why is the saying easy as pie in existence? I have made pie and I know that there is nothing easy about it. Maybe the phrase is referring to the eating of pie? Because that part IS easy. Still, it’s a confusing phrase. I think it should be more like “easy as
trying-to-make-pie-but-fucking-it-up-every-time.” That would be more accurate. Who’s with me?

2. It’s once again time for me to share with you a gem from my much-archived childhood. I don’t know what part of my little-kid brain decided to save notes, letters, random kid-ephemera, but jeez louise I am glad. I am not a collector of things, but in this case I am so happy that my love of giving stuff away or throwing it out did not prevail over the years. With that preface, I give you this next piece. I call it: “Drugs Are Scary, Pumpkin.” I’m the author of the part in italics.

“No, I wouldn’t want a pumpkin without a nose! HA HA! You mean Mike E. is like that! How awful. I would have never of thought. That is stupid and so are drugs Pumpkin. I’ll never get involved in them. They will ruin your life totally! P.S. Don’t loose your nose Pumpkin. –Scalloped Potatoe

I won’t lose my nose S. Potatoe! I won’t even have it loosened for your sake!! Yes- Mike E. is like that! I was surprised too! He used to tell me but he doesn’t mention it anymore- maybe he quit! Hopefully because if he doesn’t he’ll ruin his life!! I would never get involved with drugs either! It’s dumb. And let me tell you something else Scalloped Potatoe- If we ever took drugs you’d be a baked potatoe in no time and I’d be a pumpkin pie! Well, enuf of that! Did you put that paper in John’s hair?

Yup I sure did! Cute HA! I have to go to this dinner tonight with my Dad so I can’t go to the concert. I want to but I can’t. I wish I could, It would be neat. Maybe someone will tape it and I’ll be able to hear it all. Our Scrambled Egg isn’t studying, Pumpkin. Maybe we should teach her a lesson. Let’s write her a note from so called Damon! HA! HA!”

Kiss the rings, I’m out.


  1. Hilarious! I think I primarily have high school notes like that. For some silly reason I chunked all the great stuff from middle school. But I am pretty sure I never had a friend I called Scalloped Potatoe, or Mac N’ Cheese or any other side item for that matter.I link to you from my not-worthy blog. I hope to have better fodder now that I am living in a hotel room in a city. Much better than my previous desert scene. We can hope.

  2. I keep childhood stuff too..let me share this with you..I still have this small crystal heart shaped see-though glass thingy that my first boyfriend stole from his mother and gave me. The only reason why I’am still keeping it is because he flung it to me from far, while I was playing netball and said ‘Happy Valentines’..and I went weak in my knees…back then :)Fond Memories.

  3. I also link to your blog.I still have a note from my best friend in high school that she made for my birthday. It is decorated with pens in rainbows and hearts and is folded in that special origami way we had. I wish I had kept more of them.

  4. i think D.A.R.E. may have been more successful if they gave everyone nicknames–all the street cred without the addiction. you’re linked over at mine, too.

  5. See? You’re linked everywhere. even from my friend’s blogs. Which means now you have to write a book. And I was uber miffed you hadnt updated your blog in a while!(but I will survive)I keep all letters 🙂 I think they’re cute!

  6. I’ve kept every letter, every note, every card, and every scrap of paper that has been ever been given to me. My mom, a very considerate woman, kept all of my cards and things before I knew that it was something to do. For this I am grateful. But then I look at the pile of boxes in the spare bedroom and realize that at least 2.5 of those are filled with old correspondance, I wonder if I should get rid of them. Once I start to go through everything, I begin reading and reminiscing and can’t manage to part with a single piece! You are linked from my blog, too!

  7. I also have two things to say:1. I’m with you on the pie thing, and,2. It’s nice to know that someone else says Jeez Louise. It’s, like, so eighth grade.

  8. OMG! I totally forgot that I used to write notes to my friends in highschool. I wish I had kept some of them. So funny! I also link to your blog so that everyone else can get a dose of Pop Culture Librarian.

  9. Why was somebody putting paper in poor John’s hair? I’d love to add you to my links, but only if you are OK with being associated with a blog called Sphincterhood. I know it’s not for everybody.

  10. love love love reading old jr. high and high school notes. I actually have an old spiral notebook that would get passed back and forth between me and my best friend. I read through it now and laugh my butt off. okay, so I link you..sign me up for a little linkage!

  11. I link to you.I still have notes my ex-husband and I wrote in high school when we were 16, madly in love, and thought we knew everything about life. I should pull those out and blog about them….

  12. I have boxes and boxes of stuff like that from my childhood, most of which are too embarrassing to be seen by anyone else but me. I don’t know why I save them. Maybe after I croak someone will make them into a best selling book. Or not.I have been linking to you from my blog for many moons, BTW.

  13. I too kept track of all my note notebooks (why pass a single note when you can write each other pages and pages in a notebook!?) filled with nicknames I don’t remember–but supposedly when I was 14, I was obsessed with “Birch.” And just like everyone else, I too link to you 🙂

  14. I absolutely have your link on my blog! It’s a treat, and I look forward to the day that you get paid for the love you share so freely :)http://mrs4444.blogspot.com

  15. I also have 12 bins of my childhood in my basement… my math notes exist only to inform me that I used to understand it. You’d be surprised what generic things on ebay go for… I once sold an old flyer from seaworld for $14… and a plastic case for a minnie mouse watch – no watch, just case… for $20. Unfortunately my school notes don’t really exist… we used to write in code… I was cryptographically inclined… anyways, they were destroyed. So I might not make it to this blog again for awhile… my life is like a see-n-say and I only can focus on one thing a week… this week it happens to be blogs… I suspect next week it will be weeding the garden… seeyabye. 🙂

  16. oh yeah, my blog is http://grumkin.blogspot.com… if i ever figure out how to do links, i’ll add yours… my learning curve has exponentially departed… so just to remember how to post is work for me. keep up the great writing. 😀 if i’m ever in this IP area again, i’ll post a comment.

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