Buy Me A Ticket to Chicago

Listen to me, and listen good. If you have not been watching So You Think You Can Dance, I feel so, so sorry for you. It is so good, it makes my eyes water. Last night? This ballroom dancer from Russia, Pasha is his name, did an emotional solo dance wherein a headless, armless mannequin was set in the middle of the stage, wearing a purple sequined evening gown, and Pasha danced all around the dress. He danced for the dress. He danced TO the dress. Oh, and the song he danced to? Total Eclipse of the Heart. I was in my house, by myself, yelling at Pasha. NO YOU DIDN’T! YOU DID NOT! PASHA, NOOOO! But he did. And it was wondrous. So horrifying, it was good. I don’t like scary movies, really, because they usually don’t scare me. But Pasha and the evening gown. Gah! Chills and thrills, people.

I’ve been feeling a little bit homesick lately. I know what you’re thinking. I’m home already. Yes, that’s true. But what I mean is that I am homesick for my first home. The Midwest. I love where I live now, I really do. But I’m a Midwesterner through and through, and sometimes, the west coast kind of bums me out. See, the west coast people, they are polite. And politeness is a great thing. Living here, you don’t get honked at in your car until you want to kill someone, and you don’t tend to yell at people out of your open car window, at least not on a daily basis. People use the crosswalks here and don’t run out into the streets willy nilly. Why all of my examples of west coast politeness are all traffic-based at the moment, I am not sure, but stay with me here. I’m just prefacing what I am about to say with the fact that I like civility, I like politeness. It’s not a bad thing. But you know what? Politeness has a bad side. A tiresome side. Especially when you’re a Midwesterner like me. See, Midwesterners are all “hey what’s up? How are you? Tell me about your life. Come on in. Sit down. Call me any time. Better yet, just come on over. Want something to eat? How’s your mom?” And West Coasters are more “How are you?” “I’m doing well, thanks.” There’s like this distance between people. Stay back. Don’t tell me how you REALLY are. I’m too busy right now. In fact, I am always too busy. Let’s get out our day-planners so we can find a time to hang out that has a beginning time and and end time. Blah, blah, blah.

It’s not everyone. It’s just the culture of the place. It gets into my pores sometimes and drives me crazy. And bums me out. And that’s what I’m feeling like these days. Cheery, no?

Don’t worry, I’ll get over it soon. In the meantime, I am having a deficit in blogging ideas. So, it’s question time once again. Got any burning questions for Librarian Girl? Want to know something about her likes, dislikes, thoughts, dreams? Want to ask her why she breaks into referring to herself in the third person sometimes? Go for it. Email me, comment, send me a smoke signal. Ask me a question, please. Because you guys, really, I need fodder for the blogmill.

And by the way, that band-aid was still there today. In case you were wondering.

Kiss the rings, I’m out.
Librarian Girl


  1. 1st day on the job is always a good story.and i’ve had enough midwest kindness to last me a lifetime. i’ll send you some, along with some cheese curds.i’m sick, but i’m just waiting to get cut off in traffic so i can swear out the window.xo,WDL

  2. Oh my god, So You Think You Can Dance!! It is my summer obsession. If Danny doesn’t win, it will be a travesty, a travesty I say! I could watch him dance all day long and then turn on a flashlight and watch him all night. I know that things like the American Idol tour are so cheesy and I never thought I would actually want to go to a pre-fab TV show tour of losers, but damn if I don’t want to see those So You Think You Can Dancers!

  3. I WAS wondering about the band-aid. Thanks for the update. I do have a question: We have an adorable little page that works at our library. She’s way too cool for small town living (she just turned 20.) She has a brother residing in Seattle. For as much as we would miss her, we are trying to convince her to get out of dodge and move there. Do you recommend Seattle? We’re not friendly in NH to start with, so that part would not be an issue. (NM, are you reading this? Pay attention. Librarian Girl will reveal the answer…)

  4. west coast politeness is passive aggressive. i learned to drive in seattle, but then moved to philly. quite a difference. i learned to use my horn and yell out the window. now i’m back on the west coast these poor people don’t know what to think of me. i get a lot of “calm downs” and “what’s your problems?” i like getting it off my chest, getting it over with, and moving on. seattle-ites keep their distance and let their problems seeth under the surface. they may be polite, but you’re right – they’re not very friendly and warm-hearted.

  5. okay so when you say Midwest I always think Kansas for some reason. i didn’t know you were from chi town!! (and if you’re not ignore this next babble sentence of how chi town is SO awesome)chi town is SO awesome!Okay so write about this… Why not marry Nordic boy?If there’s no answer to that, then…Why don’t more people have summer homes in Colorado where its perfect summer weather?

  6. I must admit that I’ve never watched that show ’cause I’s gots no tv yo 🙂 But I sure wish I’d seen that episode – it DOES sound creepy. chills. Now… a question for the pop culture librarian? You forgot your friend’s birthday! What can you make out of duct tape and batteries? I think that band aid needs a buddy. Perhaps you should stick another one beside it.

  7. I loved Pasha’s creepy dress dance! Sabra is still my favorite though. I’m going to Chicago this weekend, will give the town your regards!

  8. I have a question: What’s the matter with you that you should miss Chicago in August? I feel like I’m walking around in a sumo wrestler’s armpit. What I wouldn’t give for a breeze. Or even some Fa-breeze. (Not for myself. Just to squirt on other people on the trains.That wasn’t a fair question, though. That was one of those “I’m making fun of you now” questions. Here’s the real question: Does Seattle have Potbelly’s yet? Or is that still just a Chicago thing?I love Potbelly’s. I’m thinking about them right now.

  9. First, you are so dead on about the midwest. And I think that’s why I don’t think I could ever move–I’d be a constant over-sharer. Someone would ask me how I was and I would go on and on and on and then expect the same in return.Also, I’ve finally caved–I am watching So You Think You Can Dance. And I love me some Pascha. There’s just something about him (whether that something is good or just kind of cheesy I’ve yet to decide). I have a question (and perhaps it’s already been answered): How did you and Nordic Boy become you and Nordic Boy?

  10. LOL When I moved from the Midwest to AZ I felt the same way, but after 5 years I’ve moved back to the Midwest and I feel like everyone is so nosy! always trying to get in my business !

  11. I won’t buy you the ticket, but I WILL buy you a drink when you arrive… :)And I was a Pasha fan until last week’s Solo Of The Shirtless Cape. After that, we had to break up.

  12. To agree with WDL, I’ve also had enough mid-western nice to last a life time. Just because you see me buying an avocado does not mean I want to stand at the grocery store and swap guacamole recipes with you. I also want the dirt on Librarian Girl & Nordic Boy.

  13. I think Mid-West and Southern kindness is very close. My Mid-West friend get along famously with my Granny and Aunt. I think I like that, I sometimes miss that kindness here in the Nation’s Capital.How many times have you moved?How many cars have you owned?Your Dream Dozen for a dinner party? (real, fictional, living or dead, doesn’t matter.)If you were stuck on an island and only had four things and/or people of your own choosing what would/who they be?

  14. We’re pretty kind down here in Atlanta too so I know what you mean. However, there are very few born and bred southerners left here so it has changed a lot since I was a little kid. Questions:Did you eat anything weird as a child? Crayons? Mud?What’s the farthest you’ve ever gone on a dare?What’s the most awesome compliment you’ve ever received?What is one thing scientists should invent to make your life easier?What is the one question you wouldn’t want me to ask?Okay, that’s enough. I might have to steal some of these because I have had absolutely nothing to blog about lately.

  15. Oooh! Ooooh! Ooooh! Come to Chicago! Come to Chicago! I, too, will buy you a drink–you, me and Melinda can party it up together:-) We’ll soooo get you drunk.Questions:If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?If you were a Seseme Street character, who would you be and why?

  16. Hi PCL,I’m a relatively new blogfan & lovelovelove your writing. Found your site through Joshy’s (bergwithfries) last winter, an old old friend of mine and have been following ever since. I briefly lived in the Northwest as well (rah rah, evergreen geoducks) but am a Chicagoan. Anyway, my blog suggestion is partially self-serving…1st day on the job like WDL suggested is great! I’m in the process of applying to MLS school myself and just finished my personal statement draft– a task that was both mortifying and interestingly embarassing somehow. What was it like for you???

  17. Hi PCL,I’m a relatively new blogfan & lovelovelove your writing. Found your site through Joshy’s (bergwithfries) last winter, an old old friend of mine and have been following ever since. I briefly lived in the Northwest as well (rah rah, evergreen geoducks) but am a Chicagoan. Anyway, my blog suggestion is partially self-serving…1st day on the job like WDL suggested is great! I’m in the process of applying to MLS school myself and just finished my personal statement draft– a task that was both mortifying and interestingly embarassing somehow. What was it like for you???

  18. I have two TV stations and I would DIE DIE DIE of happiness if I could watch So You Think You Can Dance. I never thought it was worth YouTubing until reading your entry and now HOLY CRAP I FEEL DEPRIVED. Someone better upload that Pasha dance soon.

  19. It’s funny you should say that. Two friends of mine hail from the friendly land of the cheeseheads and found their four year sojourn into the Chicago-area oddly hellish. To them, the people here were rude and unfriendly. I’ve never heard someone nostalgic for the folks in Chicago. Only the food, really. Come on back to the Second City for the SYTYCD tour. You can join me and Melinda at the United Center. Go, Danny! Tell the judges what they can do with your purported (and imaginary) arrogance.

  20. You know, I had sort of the same experience when I lived in Boston. I missed Midwesterners – the culture is totally different, and so distant. At the time I thought it was living in a city versus small town Wisconsin, but not so much.I think you should come to Chicago!!

  21. i have a (late) question.. as someone who’s thinking that librarianism may be her true calling, when and how did you realize that this is what you were meant to do? I’m just going through the process now of applying to library school and signing up for my GREs. The main thing that worried me initially is that I tend to be somewhat loud and outgoing (currently working in the ad world where this is pretty much the norm) and I’m not sure how I’d fit in at the super quiet library. I love love love to learn and hate not knowing things, and I compulsively share all of this knowledge with anyone who will listen, especially regarding books i’ve read, books people should read, or just general things people should know. And you seem like a fun hip librarian so any advice, anecdotes, warning signs i should look out for would be greatly appreciated.

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