A sorry, a sorry, and a huh?

A sorry:
I am of the minority opinion on many things. I think gangster movies are sleep-inducing. I think Nellie was better than Laura. I think Brad Pitt is unattractive. I think coffee is disgusting. And I love, adore, worship hot weather. Now, I know it is the most banal thing in the world to talk about the weather (sorry meteorologists!), but oh well. I just have to come out of the closet with my heat-loving self. If it is under 68 degrees, I am cold. So, in this town that I live in, where everyone I know grumbles loudly when it gets above 75 degrees, I feel like a major outsider. To me, the answer to “is it hot enough for ya?” is a resounding NO. It is not hot enough for me! I can’t help it! I’m sorry I’m a freak! Turn those fans off!

Another sorry:
Did you know that there are people, out there, READING THIS BLOG? Seriously. I don’t check my site meter that much, and usually the same dozen or so people comment on here, so I have this sense that there are like, maybe 20 people reading this stuff, and though I may not know you for reals, I know you as blog friends. But I was riding around on the innernets last night, and I stumbled upon a blog, one that I had never looked at before, and my site was on their links sidebar! I’m not kidding you, I almost crapped a cabbage. It was shocking. I guess it’s because I am not so good with the lurking myself. I mean, if you comment on my blog, and you have a blog that’s linked to that comment, I am totally coming to visit you at your blog. I don’t know how to not do that. You peeped my stuff, there’s no WAY I’m not peeping yours. And I will comment! Maybe not every post, but I will comment at some point, you know, say howdy, hey, whatsa haps. So, a special shout-out to you lurkers out there! He-ey! I’m glad you’re there, in all your invisible glory! And I am sorry that I never once thought that you might be there. I really didn’t. Ya’ll are so quiet, I thought there wasn’t nobody here but us chickens.

Emily Post would boot you in the hindquarters for this one. One of my peripheral groups of friends is constantly trying to get all of us together in a party-it-up type of situation. Here’s how it goes. Person A (Towanda) will send out an email invitation, saying “party at Towanda’s! Saturday night!” and then 95% or so of the invitees will do WHAT IS NORMAL, which is reply “groovy!” or “dang, can’t make it.” Then someone will inevitably write back and say “can’t make it Saturday, Friday works better for me. Who’s in?” Then this causes someone else to reply “Towanda’s house is too far away from where I work, let’s make it my house instead!” This causes all sorts of confusion as to what’s actually happening, when, and where. And, the original party-thrower has, essentially, gotten her party hijacked. And the ensuing chaos usually means that nothing happens, any where, and the group plans dissolve totally. This has happened with this group multiple times. I totally don’t understand it at all. If someone invited you to their house for a specific event, aren’t the only appropriate answers “yes, thanks” or “no, sorry”? Since when is it ok for a response to be “no, it’s inconvenient for me, so everyone else should change their plans”? Is this socially acceptable? Am I out of it? Perhaps this is one of the many things that the kids are doing now that I don’t understand, and I should just file it away with freak dancing, Runescape, and Hannah Montana. Who knows.

That’s all I got.

Kiss the rings, I’m out.
Librarian Girl


  1. No! No, no, NO! Party hijacking is wrong and rude. If it’s just a group of four friends working together to arrange a mutually acceptable gathering time, that’s one thing. But when the evite has been sent and the party is happening regardless, party hijacking is akin to… to… killing puppies. No, that’s too strong. Akin to crushing flowers. Yes! Big, pretty, full-bloom flowers. Crushed. With big, black boots. And an old suitcase.I need more sleep.

  2. You have got to be kidding me about the party hijacking. That’s just wrong. I am glad you put that out there about Brad Pitt. I don’t think he’s attractive at all.h

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOO! Your peripheral friends suck ass. That is why they are peripheral friends.That is so wrong, all the time. And I don’t understand why more people haven’t noticed Brad Pitt’s huge, gigantic, totally abnormal jaw. It’s hideous.

  4. Hello my name is Katie and I am…a lurker. Well, an amateur lurker; actually, I’m a librarian who’s addicted to your blog (and I’ve been known to read it on the clock on slow nights at the biblioteca). Keep the hi-LAR-ious posts comin’ and I will keep lurking my ass off!

  5. Oh party hijacking is bad. Really really bad.I feel you on Brad Pitt. And his new plastic surgery has negated my former response that was “I can appreciate that he is a handsome specimen of man but he doesn’t do it for me” to “Ew.”I too do not understand Hannah Montana. I have kids, so I’m subject to all the Disney crap. High School Musical? I get. Hannah/Raven? Notsomuch.

  6. I’m a new lurker. Came here via Bev @ Sauntering Soul. And I lurk Prianna, too. And I am off to lurk Texas Megan, cuz I like her name.

  7. Lurker saying hi! I don’t normally comment here because I actually watch this on the RSS feed through livejournal… and if I commented there, you would never see it. Anyways: yes, party hijacking is Not Cool.

  8. From someone who had her 8th grade chaperoned party hijacked (after the party actually started), by her future brother-in-law and his hoodlum, in-search-of-un-chaperoned-houses-with-alcohol friends….. it ain’t right.

  9. I thought it was just me, but Hanna Montana is freaking everywhere! Does she think she’s cool because her name rhymes? Since when is that cool?

  10. You want more interaction with the lurkers? You’ve got it. I tagged you with a meme. Naturally, you should feel free to ignore it if you wish. These things are supposed to be fun, or so I hear.Cheers!

  11. Uh-oh…I guess I’m one of the people outed as a lurker since you commented on my blog the other day. I’m not even sure how I came across your blog in the first place. Must have been directed this way from some other library blog since that’s the common ground.Anywhoo, keep up the good work.

  12. I don’t know who YOU hang with, but I have never been involved in a party hijacking ring of people. Reading about your scenario made me pissed.So now I’m off to kick the cats and crap on someone’s party plans.

  13. I also do not heart Brad Pitt. But I do feel differently about the hot weather thing. Please switch places with me down here in Atlanta. The months of June through September are quite simply hellish to me.No to the party hijacking. I would be so pissed if someone did that to me.

  14. anonymous… the epitome of lurking! no time to set up an account or whatever but your blog is one of my favorite break-from-workday treats… and I have turned many a pal onto it… party hijacking… I’ve never heard of such a thing! Miss Manners would surely disapprove… damn, that’s harsh!

  15. Okay, I’m delurking! Finally. Phew.I live in Spain and recently started going to the local library, mostly for the children’s section. I am an avid reader but it has been years since I frequented a library in the States. Here I find myself privately chucking at the local librarians and their strict adherance to library rules. Here’s a question – when someone returns an overdue book, what is your policy? I realize this is completely ignorant of me to ask, but I’ve been living out of the country for 8 years. Enlighten me, please. Here they put a ‘hold’ on your library card and you can’t check anything out for some time period; how this is determined is still beyond me, but it happened this week and they put a 4-day hold on me.But that’s not why I lurk at your blog, no ma’m. You’re a riot. And a pip. Yup, a pip. That’s what you are.

  16. I am so relieved that party hijacking is clearly not ok. You people understand partying decorum! Yay!Sauntering Soul- I would TOTALLY take your hot weather for this lukewarm crap I have going here. Let’s switch!Sue Who- I am almost positive I have never been called a pip before. And, to answer your question, we don’t revoke borrowing privileges for not returning a book. We fine you per day, and if your fines exceed $15, then you have to pay up to take out another item. And the daily fine is only 15 cents a day. I think it’s more than fair.

  17. Glad you cleared that up. It seems wrong to revoke my borrowing privileges for four days just because of returning films a few days late. I’d much rather pay the fine. Hmph!You pip.And I’m with you on the hot weather. If you are ever in southern Spain, look me up. It’s hot, hot, hot around here.

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